Learning How To Flutter - Part 3

Learning How To Flutter - Part 3

17 May, 2019

We continue our mobile app development journey with a closer look at object-oriented practices vs. a functional design pattern. Initially, I…

Learning How To Flutter - Part 2

16 May, 2019
Learning How To Flutter - Part 2

We begin our mobile development journey at the base of the Flutter Starter boilerplate project. From the VS Code Command Palette, the…

Learning How To Flutter

15 May, 2019
Google Flutter Create challenge

Flutter is a new open-source mobile application development framework featuring fast hot-reloads and reactive state propagation. It provides…

Prototyping with Figma and Adobe XD

14 May, 2019
Figma vs XD

I’ve been going back and forth between using Adobe XD and for my UX layout mock-ups. The process needs to be fast, the results…

It Starts With A Simple Blog Theme

11 May, 2019
Clean engine

I’ve noticed a design trend where developers tend to apply an ultra-minimalistic clean-and-simple frontend touch to their own portfolios…

Creating a Utility Token for VIM Network

01 March, 2019
VIM Network Utility

The ERC20 token specification is an early cryptocurrency tokenization standard for the Ethereum network. It outlines a small collection of…

Vision for digital media marketing in 2019

11 February, 2019
Vision for digital media marketing in 2019

Attention. Engagement. Quantified. I recently launched a new social media agency, VIM Social Media, to form the digital marketing base for…